The last decade has has seen a revival in traditional men's grooming, which is reflected in the exponential growth of barbers and high quality men's grooming emporiums. With men investing more time, patience and money in their grooming regime, there is a new appreciation of the grooming experience and the way it makes men feel. Men want spa-style grooming. They demand luxury and they want to escape the pressures and pace of work and family life for some well-earned 'me time'. F&L understands their needs and expectations and the value of taking this luxury grooming culture from the salon and into the home. 


F&L reflects this new culture perfectly. The F&L ONE shaving brush system is the embodiment of luxury and sophistication. It actively encourages men to be patient and considered in their grooming approach at home. It's tactile, ergonomic and entirely luxurious in every sense. Leading-edge synthetic hair beautifully replicates the most refined 'badger' hair to deliver the ultimate application of shaving creams without cruelty - the ideal preparation for an unsurpassed shave. As the world's first shaving innovation of its kind, ONE neatly disassembles to reveal an ingenious razor holder and shaving brush stand. After use, simply reassemble to provide an impressively compact shaving brush case that oozes refinement and class when using at home, or on your travels. 

Meticulously crafted from the highest quality polished aluminium, the F&L ONE is designed for the discerning. For men who appreciate high-end sophistication and the refreshing, invigorating effects of an outstanding shave and for women looking to give the gift of time and patience, the F&L ONE luxury-lifestyle shaving brush system redefines shaving expectations. There is only ONE decision to make...'which colour do I choose?'  



The F&L ONE is ingeniously and meticulously designed; a compact shaving brush system that exceeds the expectations of those in search of luxury-lifestyle products that exude class and sophistication. It's more that a shaving brush system, the F&L ONE is a statement and a status symbol for men who live a luxury lifestyle and want to transform their shaving experience. 



Use the F&L ONE to apply your chosen shaving cream and feel the difference. Ground-breaking synthetic hair replicates the finest 'badger' hair in a cruelty-free way. F&L ONE delivers an uncompromising, unsurpassed shaving experience for discerning men. It truly is the world's most innovative shaving brush system. 



We understand men that understand luxury and refinement. F&L ONE is to shaving what Aston Martin is to cars, what Omega is to watches and what Versace is to fragrance and fashion. F&L is the epitome of luxury lifestyle. F&L ONE is so much more than a shaving's a lifestyle choice that reflects your personal image and penchant for innovation, gadgetry and high-end luxury.